Single Family Home $350
Condominium $350
Townhouse $350
Cooperative $500
Two to Four Family Properties $500
Foreclosure/Real Estate Owned (REO)       Call for fee quote
Land Appraisal Call for fee quote
Tax Appeal Assignemtns Call for fee quote
Complex Assignment (see list below) Call for fee quote

Complex Assignments - may require a higher fee due to the additional work and analysis to complete the appraisal. Examples of properties that could fall under this category are:

  • Tax appeals
  • Custom built
  • Ocean, lake, or river front
  • Unique or unusual
  • High value
  • Historic

Our pledge is to confirm the fee for every assignment prior to accepting your order so you can be sure the rate quoted is the price you pay.  There are never any hidden fees.

It is standard procedure to transmit the appraisal to you via email as a PDF document.  You can print as many copies as you like of the document.  All of your printed copies are considered original and are legally accepted in a court of law.  Should you be unable to accept an email transmission, the report can be printed and mailed to you.  The fee for this service is $40, and you will be sent two copies.

Fee Schedule

  • Residential Property

  • Single Family, Condo or Townhouse

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  • Multi Family Property

  • 2 to 4 Family Homes

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  • Complex Assignments

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  • High Value

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Client Testimonials

  • Absolute Value produces quality appraisals with great customer service.

    Barbara Eiser, Leading Impact
  • Westfield NJ Home Appraisal

    If you want great Appraisal services. I highly recommend Howard. He knows his job very well. He is a very professional FHA Appraiser and fun to work with person.

    Teoman Turut, Branch Manager at American Nationwide Mortgage
  • Had a top-notch experience with Absolute Value Appraisal to find out the true value of my home. Howard was very friendly and the appraisal was professionally done. Thanks!

    Paul Santiago, Homeowner